In September 2010, she presented “AFRICA”, transporting us to the savage surroundings of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa to share moments of wildlife in its purest form and the intimacies of one of the ancient local tribes.


In September of 2008, she released “BLOOM”, a delightful photographic collection that captures the intense colors, the diverse textures and exotic shapes of the finest flowers from Ecuador.


In 2003 she presented “ETHOS”, black and white photography about portraits intauromaquia. This book received the Golden Award at the XI “Theobaldo de Nigris” Latin American Graphic Products Competition in 2004, held in Mexico City, Mexico.

El Escondrijo del Toro

Her first book, “EL ESCONDRIJO DEL TORO”, was published in 1998; a photographic journey about the life of fighting bulls in the wonderful landscapes of the Andes mountains as a backdrop.